Warranty Policy

Effective Date: 15 July 2023

Thank you for choosing Remanx for your automotive electronics needs. This Warranty Policy outlines the terms and conditions of our warranty coverage for all products. Please read this policy carefully to understand your rights and responsibilities.

Warranty Coverage

Remanx provides a warranty for all electronic products for specified periods. The warranty is applicable to the original owner of the product and is non-transferable. To be eligible for warranty coverage, the owner of the vehicle must be the same as indicated on the V5 document at the time the repair or purchase was initially performed.

Warranty Duration

The warranty period for all products is as follows: Lifetime warranty, unless stated otherwise.

Warranty Scope

The warranty provided by Remanx covers defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. The warranty is valid for unlimited miles driven by the vehicle during the warranty period.


The following conditions are not covered under warranty:

a) Water damage: Remanx does not cover damages caused by water or any liquid. It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that water does not reach areas in the vehicle where it could cause damage to the repaired electronics.
b) Foul Play: If it is determined that there has been any foul play or tampering with the unit, the warranty will be void.
c) Optional Extras: If the buyer did not opt to pay for additional extras on the original repair, for example, a replacement LCD, the LCD component is not covered under warranty if it subsequently fails. To have the LCD repaired under warranty, the buyer must pay the difference in price between the optional extra cost and the repair service.

Please note that this provision applies specifically to optional extras that were not included in the original repair service. If the LCD fails due to defects in materials or workmanship, not related to the absence of the optional extra, it will be covered under the warranty as per the terms outlined in this policy.

Warranty Claims

a) Warranty Claims from Repair Service: If the repaired unit needs to be returned under warranty from a repair service, the buyer is responsible for the carriage costs. If the unit is determined to be unrepairable, a refund will be issued. The refund amount will be the original purchase price minus the cost of the original shipping and a test fee of £30 for the initial testing and repair of the unit.
b) Warranty Claims from Exchange Service: If the repaired unit needs to be returned under warranty from an exchange service, it will be tested and repaired. If the unit is found to be unrepairable, another exchange unit will be provided, subject to availability. If an exchange unit is not available, a full refund will be issued, minus the cost of the original carriage.

If your part fails within the first 60 days, you are eligible for free return shipping. In the case of a refund, the shipping cost will also be refunded.

Warranty Limitations

a) Availability: Warranty claims are subject to the availability of replacement parts or exchange units.
b) Third-Party Repairs: Any repairs or modifications performed by third parties on the repaired electronics will void the warranty.
c) Excessive Wear and Tear: The warranty does not cover damages resulting from excessive wear and tear, accidents, misuse, abuse, or neglect.

Claim Process

To initiate a warranty claim, please contact Remanx Customer Support at sales@remanx.com. Our support team will guide you through the claim process and provide the necessary instructions for returning the product.


Remanx reserves the right to modify or amend this Warranty Policy at any time without prior notice. Any changes will be effective upon posting the updated policy on our website.

By availing of our services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions of this Warranty Policy.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our warranty policy, please contact Remanx Customer Support.

Remanx Customer Support